Uchiwa(Bamboo fan) is a traditional Japanese round hand fan and is commonly used by the people even today.
Other than fanning yourself to cool you down, you can use it to burn charcoal quickly in occasions like barbeques and/or campfires. Also you may use it to cool down hot boiled rice when making sushi rice.
In addition to being a cheap and practical item to cool yourself, in Japan, Uchiwaafs are commonly used as a sales promotion item. In summer time, Uchiwa's are used for sales promotions and are distributed throughout the city.
Because of its wide range of usage, many sport teams, schools, companies, and musicians use Uchiwa not only in summer but all year round.

We offer Uchiwas made of traditional bamboo and also a more reasonable polypropylene (plastic) types.



Sensu is a traditional Japanese folding fan made of paper on a bamboo frame, commonly with a picture or calligraphy printed. It is used for fanning oneself in hot weather. At the same time, it is a symbol of friendship, respect and good wishes. It is given to people in special occasions like opening and commemoration day of a store or company and also is very popular for wedding gifts. It is also an important stage prop for the Japanese dance 'Noh' performance. Unlike Uchiwa, Sensu are easier to carry around because it can be folded to make it more compact to carry. Many people carry Sensu when wearing 'Kimono' (traditional Japanese dress) and is still loved by people in Japan.

Make you very own Sensu for any occasion!

Kanji: Japanese writing


Kanji are Chinese characters that are used in the modern Japanese logographic writing system along with hiragana, katakana, and the Arabic numerals. The Japanese term Kanji literally means "Kan characters".

Left is the Kanji symbol for love (AI) .We have prepared a list of other popular Kanji symbols which you can choose from.
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Jyukugo: Japanese words and Japanese phrases


Jyukugo are Japanese words and phrases which consists of multi Kanji symbols.
There are also two types of Jyukugo. One is idiomatic and the other is non-idiomatic. Most of the idiomatic Jukugo are stemmed from Japanese social customs and proverbs.

The left Jyukugo represents the profession, Bushido. The Samurai code of chivalry.
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Name: Names in Kanji symbols.

The left Kanji represent the name Ian Jackson. In Japan, Kanjis can be used to pronounce any foreign names. A lot of the times, the Kanji combinations actually do not make any sense. Different Kanjis are put together to pronounce the name(word.)
In this case, the Kanji combination that pronounces the name Ian means hermitage of great person. Jackson means the young valuable person.

The left is a Senjyafuda. Senjyafuda (literally meaning "thousand shrine tags") are stickers or scraps of paper posted on the gates of shrines and Buddhist temples.
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Mon: Family Crests


Mon are (family) crests. They are also called monsho, mondokoro, or kamon, are Japanese family heraldic symbols. Mon refers to any symbol, while kamon and mondokoro refer specifically to family symbols. Mon are sometimes called "badges," "crests" or "family crests" in English.
This Mon is printed on Japanese traditional clothing (the Kimono).

The left is a sample Mon of the Tokugawa Shoguns (Imperial family). Evry family has their own unique Mon which are passed on to the next generations.
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Other Japanese Patterns and Designs

Calligraphy Sakura Carp Shippo Saya-gata
A Bonji is a Sanskrit Character. One of the oldest forms of Kanji originally from India. Your design does not have to be in Kanji form. It can be in English or any other language. The cherry blossom is one of the most popular Japanese designs used in many situations. A carp climbing the cascade symbolizes success in Japanese tradition. It is also a sybol of good fortune. Shippo represents the seven treasures of gold and silver in the Buddhist religion. Saya-gata is a very popular pattern used ona Japanese kimono.
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