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We have designed Japanese fans (Uchiwa and Sensu) for our Japanese clients for quite some time and we have decided it is time to look beyond our borders to the foreign market.
The popularity of Japanese food, ornaments and art has increased greatly in the World. But we have come to notice that Japanese Fans are hard to get anywhere outside the country. Therefore, we would like to introduce the beauty of fans to you with your very own design.
Our primary objective is not only to have people simply enjoy the calligraphy-decorated fans but for our customers to be able to choose their own design. This is what makes our fans a "one of a kind".
For true customer satisfaction, our designs are 100% Japanese.
A few of our staff have been educated in England and the USA. With our multicultural knowledge and experience in design, we think it is “us” who can provide you with the very best quality and service.

A port in what would become Kobe was established as a concession to western powers in 1868, during the time when Japan was opening to the world. Nagasaki and Yokohama had already begun serving foreign ships nine years earlier. Today, a synagogue, a Chinatown, and European architecture mark Kobe as a place that foreigners and foreign culture first came to Japan.
Photo(Port of Kobe):
The 108-meter red Port Tower stands out at the edge of Meriken Park and has been a prominent feature of Kobe’s skyline for many years. A scenic view of the city and the port can be enjoyed from the summit observatory. The Kobe Maritime Museum provides visitors with comprehensive information on the sea, ports and vessels. In addition, the illuminated Port Tower and the Maritime Museum close by provide a spectacular night view.

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I was born in England, raised in Japan, educated in the United States of America. Now I am in charge of sales here at Feel free to contact me any time with questions and or comments and I am looking forward to doing business with you!


I have been designing Uchiwas and Sensus for many a years. I know everything there is to know about the fans and Japanese art.
I am able to express anything with a fancy design or with just a meaningful Kanji character.
I am confident you will be satisfied with my work.

RAKKAN: Japanese calligraphic paintings. Most Japanese painters include there very own personal seal (Natsuin) in their works. The red figure on the bottom right is mine and it read Yoshiki.

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1-6-9 Shofudai Tarumi-ku Kobe Hyogo, JAPAN 655-0871
Tel. 81-78-333-1880
Fax. 81-78-335-1882
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We are open from 9:30am to 7:00pm Japanese time. Monday to Fridays.
You can mail or fax us at the above anytime and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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Uchiwa and Sensu Design
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