Double Sided Sensu

      Paper is pasted on both sides of the Sensu.

      Edge frame length
  • 7.75in
  • 8.95in
    1. Frames
  • 25 bamboo frames
  • 35 bamboo frames
    1. Frame material (Color)
  • Plain White Bamboo
  • Amber Natural wood
    1. Weight
  • Approximately 300g
Top picture: 7.75in. (25 frames), plain white bamboo framse
Bottom picture: 8.95in. (35 frames), amber natural wood frame
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  • Although there is no price list, it is possible to print on both sides. Please ask us for an invoice.

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1000 $3.29 $3.51 $3.58 $3.65 $3.71
$3292.00 $3513.00 $3575.00 $3646.00 $3708.00
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