Name Inscribing your name in Kanji symbols.


My name(Ian Jackson) is inscribed in Kanji Symbols.

Ateji are combined kanji used phonetically to represent foreign words and names. This is somewhat similar to pre-modern Japanese writing(Manyou-gana). Natsume Souseki a famous Japanese writer, is most famous as the man of letters who created many Ateji.


Top is the Hiragana form and the bottom is the Katakana form of the word Jackson. Hiragana and Katakana are used as direct pronounciating for the word.


This Kanji combination is the Japanese word for University(College). It is pronounced "Daigaku."

New York

Until the early 1950s, there were Kanji's representing countries and city names. This Kanji combination represents and also pronounced "New York." Most major countries and cities around the world, are represented by such Kanji combinations.


Letter the right sushi. In the pronunciation of Su you display with the character of meaning of the celebration, also those which use the character of the meaning of administering in the pronunciation of Shi are widely used.

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