Mon Family Crests


The Family Crest of The Tokugawa shogun Family

Most Japanese families have their own family crest called "Mon." Mons are usually designed with plants, animals, and instruments. For example, this Tokugawa Mon is designed with three leaf mallow called "Mitsuba aoi."


Kikyou is a Japanese bellflower or balloon flower also seen in the Korean Peninsula, China and east Siberia. In Japan. This flower represents autumn. Pattern of typical flower.


Ine means rice plant. Rice is very important to the Japanese people. The Ine design also became the bases of the Japanese ten yen coin.


Ebi means shrimp. It also means longevity which is a good luck charm.


Chidori means a thousand birds. This is used not only as a Mon but to design Kimonos.


The family which designates the pattern of the hemps leaf of as the crest it is. As for truth, in Japan there is no distinction of the hemp and the flax, calls both Asa. This Mon is the pattern of the flax.


As for M, those of the beginning which is given from the master according to the achievement it is many. Perhaps the roots which lists the achievement by the boat.
It is something which translates into design the rudder of the boat.

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