Promotion of concerts, new items/products, business and corporate events

You can give out promotional fans for concerts, new products, business and corporate events, etc.

The above design is that of a new laptop computer.

Advertising your new restaurant, bar or club

Hand out designed fans to promote your new restaurant or store.

The above design is that of a hamburger restaurant.

Gifts for weddings, birthday parties

Pint your child's name and hand out fans at his/her birthday party.
Hand out gifts for your wedding or retirement party.

The names "Charlize" and "Ian" are printed on the fan with a kanji character meaning forever happiness. A gift given to friends and family at a wedding.

Cheering items for school sports teams

Make custom fans for school/sports teams, bands, fraternities, etc.

The kanji is a translation for "Jackson University" and the red kanji means "fighting spirit".

We can make any designs for any occasions. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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Weddings, Sports Teams, Business/Corporate Events, Gifts, etc
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