Direct Translation

TASSEI We will translate any word/phrases you like to Japanese. For example, if you like the word 'Achievement' the direct translation is TASSEI. (Image on left)

for example Kanjis

for example Jukugos

Translate Your Name

win Translate your name, your favorite team or school. All names can be translated to Japanese in the Katakana or Hiragana form.

Dave:(Katakana Form)
Stephen:(Hiragana Form)
Jackson F.C.:
Jackson High School:Sample the left

for example Names


Name Your name can be written in Kanji. This is called 'ATEJI' in Japanese. We will combine Kanji characters to make it sound like your name. There will be a few or more combinations but we can choose the best ones for you.

Ian Jackson:Image on Left Top
david & Victoria:Image on Left Bottom


for example Names

The Design You Desire

Name Choose from our stock of many designs.

for example Mons

win If you desire a picture of a dragon, we will provide you with three dragon designs for you to choose from.

for example designs

Give Us Your Data

Name Send us your data and we will print it for you.
Name We can even combine your data with our designs and kanjis.


We can combine any of the above. For example, we can translate the name of your High School, and add a Japanese word or even your school mascot (in this case, we will need the data of your school mascot).

There maybe extra fees depending on the design or the data you give us,

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